What's the right way to buy a puppy?

Save Me Trust has been campaigning to end the cruelty and suffering of puppy farms. But as Animal lovers, we know, that every day, more people are looking to find a canine companion - for the family or just for themselves. So what should you do once you have decided you want a dog in your life?

We think the first thing to do is rescue a pre-loved pet from a local rescue centre or a reputable charity. There are very many options, here are some we believe will find you a wonderful canine companion to share your life and family with. 

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What is Puppy Farming?

Puppy Farms is a term used to describe the large scale, commercial breeding of dogs. Puppy farms are present in every county of the UK, but most are concentrated in Wales, Ireland and even, Eastern Europe. The demand for pedigree puppies has grown massively over recent years. Puppy farmers have set up to maximise their profits, with little or no regard to the health and welfare of the parents or puppies.

Puppy Farmers sell through pet shops, garden centres and, often, through, associates - people, using their own homes to sell these intensively bred puppies for a commission.

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Puppy Farms - the real story revealed

Puppy farms can be in any type of premises, under the law, even a domestic house, used for commercial breeding is considered a pet shop. Virtually every county in the UK will have a puppy farm within it.  The majority of puppies that are sold in England via the internet or pet shops come from puppy farms based in Wales, Ireland, and Eastern Europe. The puppies are often taken from their parents to soon, and certainly, well under the recommended eight weeks, to be transported by van for many hours through a network of breeders until they finally arrive at your local pet shop or at an ‘Associate’s’ home. Associates are people selling the puppies for a commission.

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Government proposals on puppy welfare

On 22nd December 2017, the Government announced new proposals on Puppy Farming in the UK. The announcement was made by Prime Minister, Theresa May.  Save Me Trust are pleased to note that Environment Minister, Michael Gove has addressed many of the areas in which we have concerns and has increased the maximum sentencing for those convicted of animal abuse to a maximum of five years. We are encouraged by the proposals and will work with the Minister and other NGO's to ensure the UK has the highest animal welfare standards in the world.

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Don’t buy a puppy until you have read this

As animal lovers, we know how hard it is when you have set your heart on a new puppy for the family. You see one, make the call and the breeder says ‘No problem, we can meet you half way or even, we will deliver the new puppy to you.  You know inside this isn’t right, so you ask some more questions, maybe about Mum and the other puppies - you are reassured that Mum is well, but is currently staying with their sister near the sea and that all the other puppies have gone to new homes - they are so popular! DON’T BELIEVE IT - you are probably being conned!

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We want a total ban on ‘Third Party Sales of Puppies‘ to bring an end to puppy farming.

Approximately 1.5 million dogs are sold in pet shops and they are most likely from puppy farms. Almost half the people who buy a puppy never see the mum. Puppies are mostly bred on farms in awful conditions, many from sick and injured mums. Around one in five puppies bought from pet shops or the internet suffer from parvovirus; an often fatal disease which can cost up to £4,000 to treat.

If you don't buy them, they can’t do this……………don't complete the cycle. Ask #WheresMum

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